Over-sized and heavy vehicle mapping

Accurately plan and map out cargo routes of any size.

Plotting safe and navigable routes for oversized and heavy vehicles transporting cargo such as mining equipment and wind turbines can be a time-consuming, manual, and expensive process, often requiring physical inspection of the proposed route.


This output can be provided for detailed review via 2D shape files, 3D point cloud and imagery videos, or desktop analysis via our RoadViewer web portal.

Our advanced vehicle swept path analysis tools define the optimal route for oversize and heavy vehicles.

Using Hawkscan technology supplied by our partner HyPoint Solutions, vehicles can be accurately scanned in real-time and imported into our database or dimensions by the touch of a button to enable a correct and lifelike path analysis of a specific vehicle or abnormal loads.

Another benefit of mapping the road corridor for oversize and heavy vehicles involves identifying suitable spaces for potential roadside parking opportunities, and facilitating rest breaks or maintenance crew parking.

Export to 2D, 3D GIS/CAD formats
Enter your own dimensions of the Oversized load.
AI and Machine Learning Accelerated deliverables
Automatically identify low-cost assets to be removed along route
Automated Feature Extraction
360 degree imagery
Accurate 3D representation of the road corridor