Bridge Clearance

Make bridge evaluations simple and cost-effective.

There is no need for dangerous manual inspections or closing traffic lanes down with RoadViewer. Our LiDAR solution is accurate and cost-effective, providing users with information about the entire bridge structure and approach in 3D point clouds and high-resolution 360-degree imagery.


Bridges with low vertical clearances present a considerable risk of collision damage to oversized vehicles, with the potential to cause tragic fatalities and injuries, as well as significant vehicle and structural damage.  

Maintaining an accurate and up-to-date database of vertical bridge clearances is vital to preventing potential accidents.

Traditional methods of manually surveying bridges can be time-consuming, expensive, dangerous to workers, and impede traffic flow. Clearances may also vary from lane to lane and are often difficult to obtain due to high traffic volumes.


Using mobile LiDAR, RoadViewer automatically measures vertical bridge clearances by lane without subjecting workers to a dangerous environment or negatively impacting traffic flow.

In addition to providing lane clearances and other relevant bridge details, users can examine and measure the entire bridge structure and approach in 3D LiDAR point cloud and high-resolution 360-degree imagery using the RoadViewer 3D web portal.

Conduct Risk Assessments
Determine vertical clearances beneath bridge span over roadway
Assess priority underbridges over roadways for impact protection
Assess basic height clearance
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Why us?

Traditionally, road assets are monitored and inventory controlled, getting direct access to each asset, which can be very time-consuming and requires numerous field recordings and trained personnel.

Anditi is a world-leading expert in extracting a wide range of road safety attributes and road corridor assets from remote sensing data. Our proprietary software ingests data from our global network of suppliers and automatically detects numerous assets at scale, providing a comprehensive and detailed insight into road networks.
Our Big Data Method
automated classification
offset data capture costs through data sharing
360 degree imagery
LiDAR Point Cloud
Laser Measurement Sensor Data
Strict Q&A with 99% result accuracy