Road Safety Solutions

Visualisation and Assessment of the Road Corridor

The RoadViewer 3D web portal allows LiDAR and imagery to be accessed from anywhere in the world. The powerful yet intuitive interface is designed for all user levels, with a range of features to facilitate in-depth analysis.    


Point Cloud Viewer – switch between multiple views including RGB, Classification, and Intensity
Camera Animator & Video Recording
Property Layer – Cadastre Boundaries, Property Boundaries, Notify Neighbouring Properties Manual Re-Classification
User Management – Invite Users, Manage Users (Access Level, Datasets, Features)
360 degree imagery
Accurate 3D representation of the road corridor
Navigation - XYZ movement, rotation, zoom, snap to the north, snap to top-down, drive along the road.
Assess 50 road safety attributes
AI and Machine Learning Accelerated deliverables
Remote Land Survey tools - Measure distance, area, height, perimeter, point, slope, road curvature and volume.
Creat and edit point of interest
Clipping – Clip In, Clip Out, Clip by Boundary, Clip by Height (Altitude)
Export Data and Share Links
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Why us?

Traditionally, road assets are monitored and inventory controlled, getting direct access to each asset, which can be very time-consuming and requires numerous field recordings and trained personnel.

Anditi is a world-leading expert in extracting a wide range of road safety attributes and road corridor assets from remote sensing data. Our proprietary software ingests data from our global network of suppliers and automatically detects numerous assets at scale, providing a comprehensive and detailed insight into road networks.

The AiRAP data can be used in conjunction with RoadViewer.

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Our Big Data Method
Ai-RAP Accredited
automated classification
offset data capture costs through data sharing
360 degree imagery
LiDAR Point Cloud
Laser Measurement Sensor Data
Strict Q&A with 99% result accuracy
The ONLY iRAP accredited lidar derived assessment portal.
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