Anditi Awarded Largest Ever AiRAP Contract By Main Roads Western Australia

Roads, Rail & Infrastructure
June 20, 2023

Following previous successful pilot projects for Main Roads Western Australia, Anditi is delighted to announce that it has been awarded the contract for the provision of point cloud feature extraction services across 19,164km of Main Roads Western Australia’s road network. This contract requires Anditi to conduct automated feature extraction from LiDAR point cloud and imagery as well as completing an AiRAP/AusRAP Star Rating assessment.

This is the largest AiRAP contract that has ever been awarded globally and will enable Main Roads to assess the safety of its road network in accordance with the Australian National Road Safety Action Plan. AiRAP (Accelerated and Intelligent Road Assessment Program) refers to the capture of road safety-related data using automatic, repeatable and scalable methods to support road safety assessment, crash risk mapping, investment prioritisation for all road users and offers a new and objective way of conducting an iRAP Star Rating assessment.

To complete this contract, Anditi will use its proprietary RoadViewer software, which is the only AiRAP accredited inspection system globally, the only iRAP accredited inspection system that uses the superior accuracy of LiDAR, and one of only two C-class (highest ranking) iRAP accredited inspections systems globally.

Using the provided LiDAR and imagery data from a variety of local and international surveying and data collection companies, RoadViewer will apply various techniques of Signal Processing, Optimisation and Artificial Intelligence to automatically extract the required features and AiRAP attributes.

One of the major benefits of using RoadViewer compared to the imagery-only methods of a traditional iRAP Star Rating assessment is the full richness of the dense point cloud and 360-degree imagery that is available in RoadViewer for visualisation and interrogation. Following the announcement, Anditi’s Head of Business Development Tony Campbell said “We are extremely excited and honoured to be chosen by Main Roads to execute the world’s largest AiRAP project to date. We look forward to working closely with them to  deliver this milestone in how iRAP Star Rating assessments are conducted.”

Matt Chapman, Senior Engineering Surveyor at Main Roads WA added, “Main Roads WA are very excited to be working with Anditi to carry out this world-leading work that ultimately will help us make our road network safer for road users. We look forward to this technology being adopted across Australia and beyond as a result of the successful execution of this project.”

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