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Desktop analysis from remote sensing to measuring volumes to safety assessment (with iRAP) in seconds, it’s all possible with RoadViewer!

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Intelligent Road Corridor Solutions

Anditi is an advanced Australian spatial analytics and tech company specialising in the transformation, classification, analysis and visualisation of geospatial data, including aerial, mobile, terrestrial LiDAR, 360-degree aerial and satellite imagery. RoadViewer by Anditi offers an innovative and cost-effective way of surveying, managing and measuring roads, assessing road safety, extracting road assets, modelling safe journeys for oversized vehicles, and determining bridge clearances. With access to millions of kilometres of road data through our data capture partners, RoadViewer provides significant cost savings by reducing the requirement to manually survey roads. This also reduces risk exposure to personnel and the need for road closures. RoadViewer’s visualisation and measurement tools enable users to identify, code and inspect a broad range of road asset and safety attributes such as lane and shoulder widths, slopes, location of trees, safety barriers, power poles, as well as calculating key road geometry such as gradient and curvature quickly and accurately.

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Pave the way for streamlined operations, more efficient ground surveys and better checks for compliance with the power of LiDAR and spatial data analytics.

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